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Meet the Team

David Hill Pic.jpg

David Hill 


David is one of three founders of SYNERGY BIOLOGICS, LLC., and has served as its CEO since its inception. Under his guidance, the company has grown organically into its current position as one of the leading human birth tissue regenerative medicine company’s in wound care and surgical biologic markets. David’s mission, which is the sole purpose of the company, is creating treatment ACCESS to the underserved patient.

Montie Image.png

Montie Lewing 

VP Clinical Sales

Montie joined the company in 2019, and serves as the Vice President of Clinical Sales since January 2022. Prior to joining SYNERGY BIOLOGICS, Montie built 13 years of experience in the healthcare industry, coming from his time with Medical Device organizations, as well as, in Hospital Administration. Montie is a native to Pensacola Florida, and graduated from the University of North Florida.


Emily Williams

Executive Director of Quality &


Emily joined the company in 2016 and serves as the Executive Director of Quality Assurance and Reimbursement. Prior to joining the company, Emily worked in the Nursing Home industry. Emily is originally from Pensacola Florida, and graduated from Florida State University, currently living in Tallahassee with her husband and children. Emily has built efficient protocols and validations to ensure the success for distribution within the FDA guidelines.

Cody Image.png

Cody Skelton

Director of Clinical Sales

Cody joined the company in 2021 and serves as the Director for Clinical Sales. Prior to SYNERGY BIOLOGICS, he gained experience working with healthcare organizations helping them grow market share in the Southeast. Cody’s role has helped pave stronger utilization in the Wound Care and Surgical markets. He is originally from Holy Springs, MS and attended Troy University, where he was a part of the Men’s Rodeo Team. Today he still enjoys competing around the country in rodeos during his free time.

Candice Albuagh Pic.jpg

Candice Allbaugh

Executive Director of Tissue Recovery

Candice joined the company in 2014 as the Director of Quality Assurance.  In 2022 she transitioned into serving as the Executive Director.  She is a native of Tallahassee, Florida where she still lives today.  Candice brings 20+ years of tissue banking experience along with her extensive administrative and management background. She is committed to supporting the growth and maximization of telaGen programs across the country giving more people the opportunity to give the gift of healing through donation.

Sonya image.png

Sonya Marshall

Placenta Recovery Technician

Sonya joined the company in 2019 serving as a Placenta Recovery Technician. Today she spends time on the Mississippi Gulf Coast speaking directly to Donor Mothers, educating them about the important opportunity their donations brings patients in Wound Care, Burn, and Surgical settings. Sonya is from Lucedale Mississippi.

Teresea Carter image.png

Teresa Carter

Recovery Coordinator

Teresa joined the company in 2015 as a placenta Recovery Technician. In 2020 she transitioned into serving as a Recovery Coordinator. She is a native to Mobile Alabama where she still lives today. Teresa has committed her work to ensuring efficient recovery processes at Donor sites across the country, and securing strong relationships that have created patient healing.  

Image - Tonya Money.jpeg

Tonya Money

Recovery Coordinator

Tonya has been with the company since 2018. She serves as a tissue Recovery Coordinator, growing strong relationships with Hospital Systems that have learned the importance of donating the Gift of Life. Tonya has been instrumental at creating partnerships with Labor and Delivery units with the Tissue Recovery Program. Tonya is from Dothan, Alabama, where she lives with her husband and children

Ellen DeFleron Headhot.jpg

Ellen DeFloren

Recovery Manager

Ellen joined the company in 2017 where she began as a placenta Recovery Technician. She now serves as the Recovery Manager for the Alabama and Georgia region. Ellen works to expanding her Recovery Technician team’s knowledge to spreading the importance of tissue donation for creating patient treatment. Ellen is from Slocomb, Alabama where she lives with her husband.

ashley ruffin -Image.jpeg

Ashley Ruffin

Recovery Manager

Ashley joined the company in 2018 as a placenta Recovery Technician. In 2022 she began serving as a Recovery Manager for the Mississippi and Louisiana region. Originally from Columbia, MS, the Placenta Recovery Program holds a special place for her community. Ashley strives to developing her team, and growing the importance that placental donation holds in healthcare.


SYNERGY BIOLOGICS corporate office is based in Florida, providing surgiGRAFT™ advanced treatment throughout the United States. Wherever there is SYNERGY BIOLOGICS, you'll also find our sister tissue procurement company, telaGen, LLC.

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