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surgiGRAFT Product Attributes


The surgiGRAFT suite of products includes amniotic tissue derived allografts intended for reconstruction, repair, or replacement of a patient’s tissue.


Chorion free and orientation neutral Hydrated Form: hydrophilic properties allow tissue to conform to the surface or surgical site


Dry Form: handling properties allow easy application for open surgical techniques


Ambient temperature storage: terminally sterilized with up to a 3-year shelf life


Flexible: naturally conforms to complex anatomies


Fully resorbable: may be applied directly over bone, tendon, nerves, and wounds

Available in a range of sizes for optimal coverage.

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Amniotic Tissue Allografts are regulated under the FDA’s Public Health Service Act Section 361 as a Human Cell, Tissue or Cellular or Tissue Based Product (HCTP).


Handled according to all FDA regulations for Current Good Tissue Practices, its manipulation and processing are kept to a minimum, ensuring the preservation of its innate properties that help to promote advanced healing.

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FDA Tissue Standards 

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